HST 300 junior+ 2.0

HST 300 Junior 2.0 frit
Memory 350 weldings will be saved in the machine, these can then be displayed in the LCD.
Working area max. 1200 mm. PN 16
Data loading Comes with scanner. Can be supplied with the code reader at no extra cost.
  Possibility of manual input of voltage and time or input of numeric fitting code.
Control system Welding volts, resistance, welding voltage, according to regulations associated welding cables, short circuit, ambient temperature, net/gen. frequency and voltage.
  Display with error info.: machine temperature, error voltages, thermal switch.
Display LED -lit display, 4 lines with 20 alphanumeric lines each , height 5 mm
Output voltage 8 V - 48 V
Output current max. 110 A
Voltage 180 V - 280 V (230 V ), 110 V/48 V optional.
Frequency 40 Hz - 70 Hz
Current AC , 16 A. Extension cable: up to 25 mtr. 2.5 square. More than 25 mtr. 4 square.
Certification CE, ISO9001:2008.
Protection P54 ( available as IP64 )
Language DK, EN, DE, 
Temp./workspace  -20°C to +60°C
Power suply cable 5 m. with EUR-plug (available with DK connector)
Welding cable 4 m. by 4.7 mm welding connector (available with 4 mm)
Adapter set 4.0mm adapter supplied in bag.
Weight 16 kg
Dimensions B 236 x H 295 x D 330 mm
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