ROCO PLT A/S uses the General Conditions of the NL 92 (supplied with price list) , published by the Central Organization of Danish Industries with the following changes and additions .

1 Prices.

1.1 All quoted and agreed prices are excl. packaging and VAT.
Unless otherwise agreed, delivery is from varehouse in Vodskov.

1.2 For orders amounting to less than DKK 500 , -, charged a surcharge of DKK 75, - .

1.3 Unless otherwise stated, the seller has the right to compensation for cost increases due to taxes , government taxes or changes after the date of the offer . If the agreed delivery time due to an agreement on this , according NL 92 item 12 be extended for more than 6 months , the seller is not bound by the agreed price, but has the right to demand a reasonable price, which shall then be determined in relation to the general prices prevailing at the date of delivery.

2 Delivery and transport.

2.1 The vendor specified delivery date for stock items refers to the date the goods leave the seller's warehouse.

3 Fixed supplyes.

3.1 If the buyer refuse to receieve the ordered goods within the agreed time , the seller 's right to directly deliver the remaining goods or to cancel the purchase . If the purchase is cancelled, the seller have the right to compensation of at least 15 % of the agreed price for the goods the cancellation is about.

3.2 Fixed orders of customized products never ceases to apply , but must be supplied by the vendor in full within 3 months after the fixed  order is expired.

4 Billing/Payment. 

4.1 Ongoing rental invoiced monthly .

4.2 The invoice is due for payment 8 days after the invoice date unless otherwise agreed.

4.3 from due date a penalty interest of 2.0 % per month.

5 Returns

5.1 Only by mishandling or manufacturing defects in the product (ie where the vendor is responsible for the failure) , a return will be approved without additional cost to the buyer. The workmanship must be complete description of the error attached. 

5.2 For non-stock items , custom made or obsolete items will credit be granted. 

5.3 The return of stock items must be approved by the seller, and order or invoice number must be provided. An approved return receive a return number, which must always be used for correspondence. The form "return of goods" must be attached to the product. This form is available from the vendor's service department. Returns that are not equipped with the above, are returned with unpaid freight to the sender. Return of goods whose value is below DKK 250, - will not be accepted.

5.4 The return of stock items credited to the purchaser of invoice net price minus a return fee to cover unpacking , checking and adjustment work and administration. Return fee will generally not be less than 20% of the product's net invoice price. Approved returns must always be returned in original packaging.

6 Liability for defects.

6.1 In response to the original purchaser, the seller guarantees that the delivered doing under normal use in all respects is error-free in materials and workmanship. Apart from the points 23, 25, 28 in NL 92.

6.2 Replaced or repaired parts are guaranteed in the same way and under the same conditions that apply to the original product for a period of 3 months. For goods other parts extended in NL 92 item 22 mentioned period of liability only by the time the goods could not be used due to errors mentioned in NL 92 item 21.

6.3 The buyer shall bear the expenses and risks associated with the transportation of faulty parts to the seller , but the seller must bear the cost and manage the risk associated with the transportation of the replaced or repaired items to the agreement specified destination or - if one is not specified - the place of delivery . Once the seller has received a written complaint pursuant to NL 92 item 24 , he must attend the defect as quickly as circumstances require . If the seller performs the above repairs at the place of purchaser , the purchaser shall pay all expenses , per diem , travel time, compensation and hotels for the vendor's staff.

6.4 The Seller's liability to fulfill its obligations with respect to the remedying of defects include only the vendor supplied products/equipment.

7 Disputes.

7.1 Any disputes shall be settled in Denmark at the court in Aalborg.

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