1 The rental period runs from the date of delivery/dispatch day.

2 The leased is Roco-plt 's property and the tenant does not reject this because of this lease ownership thereof.

3 lessee shall not pledge, lend, leave or otherwise dispose of the leased it .

4 It requires the tenant to insure the leased. The lessee shall leave therewith to manager every right to it from the insurance paid damage claims.

5 Guests are responsible for their own or others' harm to the property, in addition to what can be described as normal wear and tear . The same applies if the premises are lost .

6 Lessee shall immediately there is a damage to the rented inform the landlord of any operational disruption and circumstances (eg . Theft or disturbance ) that may affect the lessee’s title to the leased.

7 The landlord or his envoy is entitled during the rental period to inspect the rented .

8 The landlord has the right to immediately terminate the agreement and take home the premises if the tenant:

    a Have guilty of misrepresentation in rental agreement..

    b Not timely comply payments for the premises.

    c In violation of Section 3 disposes of the premises .

    d Dies, is declared legally incompetent , goes into receivership or bankruptcy.

    e In violation of section 7 refuses to let the landlord or his employee inspect the premises.

    f Don’t maintain the leased or otherwise override the agreements concluded by the rental agreement.

If you violate any of the above items a - f, the tenant in addition to compensation , pay rent due and the sum of non-due rent.

9 Until the date of receipt of the item rented , runs rental payments monthly. Interest on the amount due until the overdue rent is paid.

10 Rental payments commencing the first month after arrival, as outlined in section 9.

11 The lessee is responsible for all shipping costs. Transport damage rather come p.g.a. tenant's treatment of the hired is also your responsibility.

12 It requires thelessee to insure the leased during transport.

See also the rental contract.

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